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As the director of photography for these pieces, I worked with Blue Chalk Media and The Foundry, Time Inc's content studio, to create three films for the Indian Ministry of Tourism. Our aim was to highlight what India has to offer as a tourist destination with artfulness and unique perspective.

Our team of three traveled to 14 destinations in 39 days.

All three films were released on "The India 100" a microsite in March, 2018.

161_BrookeHerbert- GOA-GOKARNA-5.jpg



Additional Credits:

Greg Moyer, Executive Producer
Sam Morgan, Executive Producer
Zack Goldberg, Executive Producer
Rob Finch, Creative Director
Megan Eleanor Clark, Director of Photography/Editor
Brooke Herbert, Producer
CK Vijayakumar, Producer/Assistant Camera
Jesse Crowell, Project Editor
Sebastian Weinberg, Production Manager
Digital One, Sound Design

Visit the "The India 100" microsite here.