From the beauty of the Pacific Ocean to the rugged Cascade Mountain Range and all points in between, the state of Oregon offers a diverse landscape to experience and explore. "Belong" is a portrait of our state through the eyes of friends who cherish it.

"A Place I Could Call My Home" was written and performed by Greg Morrison.

This particular film has been somewhat of a pillar for me these past few years. Each incoming freshman class at George Fox University has been provided with a 'welcoming' film since 2013 and "Belong: An Oregon Experience" was the third I had the opportunity to create.

It felt like a great excuse to spend our summer well and travel to a unique bundle of places. Our first excursion took us to the Alvord Desert in eastern Oregon. After an 8 hour drive, salt-flat dust that covered every surface, and no sleep (I couldn't not look at the stars), we were all a bit tuckered out - but it was so worth it.